Juan Carlos Breceda


Applying rough brush strokes of contrasting colors, discarding depth or perspective, Juan Carlos Breceda creates simple forms filled with energy.  Women and animals are the central theme in his work.  A woman is repeated.  Her enormous eyes, steady gaz and harsh features, do not diminish her softness or sensuality.  His animals? The rooster, the bird, and the elephant convey simplicity in a real and sometimes magical world.

Juan Carlos was born in Rosario, Sinaloa, Mexico in 1956.  He studied at the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Carving, La Esmeralda, and furthered his studies in the Popular School of Fine Arts in Morelia, Michoacan.

Juan Carlos has been the recipient of many national prize, including the 1997 National Contest of Drawing and Painting at the National Auditorium Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico.  Breceda has exhibited in the U.S., South America, and Europe.  His style is contemporary and is well received by interior designers and art galleries.

Breceda has offered a limited number of signed and numbered lithographs to be available for purchase with proceeds going to Resplandor International.



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The lithographs by Juan Carlos are signed, sealed and fabulous! There are two sets of lithographs with 4  different prints.  There are two additional lithographs individually presented -- unity in diversity and las hermanas.  Each set or individually presented lithograph is in a different colored portfolio,  colors-- grey , red, yellow and blue.  Each lithograph is printed on cotton paper imported from France and wrapped in tissue like paper to protect it.  Each set comes with a CV of Juan Carlos and a certificate of authenticity.  Each is wrapped in protective covering and has a visual presentation indicating which lithographs are in the particular set with their number and name of the lithograph. Really spectacular!  Done with love and “cariño” (affection).  Juan Carlos demonstrates quality work.  These are so professionally done.  Juan Carlos actually made the portfolios that the lithos are in, which he has made especially for Resplandor international.  In one set of lithos there is a picture of an acrobat on a horse with a city in the background.  It represents the equine therapy in action with Guanajuato in the background, so special.

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